Welcome to Glorious InfoTech

Glorious InfoTech is a website development, software development and digital marketing company providing specialized application development services and product re-engineering services across the world from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. Productive & defined bottom-line benefits of offshore outsourcing & offshore IT consulting company with its recognized expertise in offshore web & software application development on the platform like .NET, ASP.NET, VB.NET , C#, Data Warehousing, Ecommerce Applications, SQL Server 2008, SSIS, SSRS, Business Intelligence, Amazon MWS API and other unmatched value delivers for your organization.

Our business philosophy is based on human-centric, eco-friendly technologies and services. We work as a collective team that takes all the possible steps to explore new frontiers of technology and grow continuously towards our common goal. We give great emphasis to business philanthropy and betterment of the world around us. While devising any plan or develop any product we are always concerned towards our clients and create optimum value for their investment.

We promote a collaborative work environment. We involve everyone working in the organization in community decisions and encourage them to think is a broader perspective. Our work process promotes flexibility and we maintain high level of discipline at different levels of execution, throughout the organization.

Our highly optimized methodology plan would interact effectively with different levels of development and their internal process elements to ensure perfect outcome. We have different policies and protocols firmly laid across different development segments to make sure there remains no flaw in the development process and end results. However Quality assurance is invariably a part of each process and is integrally placed in every dimension of development.


We have grown on a belief that nothing would beat you if you keep your values alive. We play focused and planned with our best-kept values of quality, commitment and perseverance. These are the primary force helping us define, design and deliver a solution with all the perfection. Each pixel of the solution we build is treated with these values mixed with right plan of product liberation and validation to bring best worth to you.


Our mission is to devise value-oriented solutions for all. We want to provide users with most sophisticated technology which makes them communicate and correspond better. We want every dimensions and references of your business, life and ideas to relate with innovative substance and leveraging facets of information technology.

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